Hi. My name is Nils Janssens. Iā€™m a 24 y/o geek from Mechelen, Belgium.
I'm call myself a Front-end developer and a Film maker!


Here's a quick overview of what I do/make.

If you like what you see, you can contact me


From september 2013 until june 2014, I was a member of designosource.
This is a school-related project where we worked like a real business.
We accepted requests from real clients, and worked with real deadlines.

Since I finished my bachelor in 2014, I'm not a part of designosource anymore, but you can find everything about them on their website.

Retro Rent

Retro rent is a local business from Bonheiden. They sell ice-cream and waffles, and serve them out of oldtimers.
They asked me to make their website & take a look at their content as well. Since they had absolutely nothing in mind, it was a challenge to find out what they actually wanted.

Check out the result!

En Avant

En Avant is an organisation that offers after-school dance-courses. They are located in Bonheiden and started with their first lessons in 2013.

I created their website.


me me

Name: Nils Janssens
Age: 24 y/o
Location: Where my laptop is
Current position: Lead front-end developer
at Marbles
Favourite color: #248035


Skills Web: HTML, CSS & jQuery
Design: Photoshop & Illustrator
Video: Final Cut Pro & Premiere


I was a student 'Interactive Multimedia Design' at Thomas More.
Starting this course was one of the greater decisions of my life. I really liked it there, and if you're interested, you should check it out too!

Here's are some things I created as school-projects..

Adolf De Blinde Arend

This is a game I created together with Rias.
We were the perfect team for this assignment:
He was the developer who coded the whole thing.
I was the designer who drew an animated everything.

You can play the game!

Animated Video Explanation

This is a movie I made during my second year of IMD.
I was supposed to create an explanation-video for whatever I wanted.

Since my sister got married that same year, and we used this app during their wedding, I chose 'Wedding Party App' as a subject.

You can check out this movie.


We can talk over a cup of coffee,
or a glass of beer.

Just say hi [at] nlsjns [dot] be.